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    - After purchasing any of the Personal Training packages you will be contacted by one of our Qualified Personal Trainers to arrange your first session and any subsequent sessions after that. This is normally done via phone call.

    - On purchase of the Standard Diet or Training plans you will receive a confirmation Email from us. We will endeavor to send you your plan to get started as soon as possible and it should be no longer than 24 hours after your purchase.

    - On purchase of the Custom Diet or Training plans you will receive a confirmation Email from us. This will be followed up by a questionnaire that we would ask you to fill out as honestly as possible as this will be used to tailor your plans to your individual needs. After receipt of the filled out questionnaire it could take 48-72 hours until your plan is sent on. We appreciate your patience with this process.


    Disclaimer -

    • We are not medical professionals and as such we cannot diagnose or treat any possible or existing medical conditions.
    • We can assist with Rehab work and or corrective strategies suggested to you by a Doctor or a Physiotherapist but we would heavily recommend talking to a Doctor before taking part in any kind of physical activity. Prevention is better than a cure.
    • The information we provide is tried and tested and backed up by actual science but every individual has a different genetic makeup. Just because something works for another person does not mean that it will work for you.